The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will on Saturday, May 25 2019, organise elections to elect regional executives in four existing regions and six newly-created regions.

Election of executives for two of the newly created regions, Oti and Volta Regions will, however, take place on June 16, 2019.

A statement from the NDC said the party has “already issued guidelines to govern the whole process and all is set for the elections in the eight regions.”

The statement also sought to issue “additional operational directives on the conduct of the elections to ensure an incident-free election.”

“These operational directives form part of the guidelines of the elections and must be observed strictly as such,” the statement said.

Below are guidelines for the polls 

1. Each delegate is entitled to vote for only one of any two contestants in the contest for Regional Vice-Chairmen, Dep. Regional Youth Organizers or Dep. Regional Women Organizers.

2. a) All contestants who have resigned their positions to contest new positions whether from the constituency level or even regional level are no longer delegates to the Regional conference and therefore cannot vote in the election.

b) Wherever the names of such persons have appeared on the delegates list, they should be crossed out with a red pen and the Regional Director of Elections should
sign against it.

3. The women and youth delegates conferences are to precede the main conference and should be held separately.

They should not be combined with the main conference

4. Newly-elected Youth and Women organizers are not delegates to the main conference, the reason being that they can only be sworn into office alongside officers elected at the main conference, and until that is done they are not yet
officers of the party, and do not qualify as delegates

5. All protests are to be resolved by the Electoral Committee with the support and assistance of the NEC representative.

6. The Party Constitution and the guidelines for the elections are to be used to resolve any disputes.

7. The Ghana Police Service has been requested to provide security at all the venues to ensure law and order before, during, and after the election. Consequently, all matters relating to security shall be handled by the Ghana Police Service, and no private security is permitted to operate within and without the premises of the



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