The inessential snare of an ‘Office Boo’ [Article]

I chanced on an article in a magazine on my flight from Budapest to London last Sunday Morning. This article was talking about the emotionally romantic feelings that develop with time between two people without any form of awareness and prompting.

The article was linking the effects of spending lots of time together with someone and having a high tendency of developing that attachment with the person.

It made specific reference to the corporate environment and how this has created relationships and have damaged other people’s existing relationships.

The article highlighted the following

24 hours make 1 day.

  • Out of this 24 hours, we sleep for at least 7 hours leaving 17 Hours
  • Preparation for work, driving to and from work is approximately 4 hours, leaving 13 hours
  • Time spent with family and love ones per day is approximately 2 hours, leaving 11 hours
  • Time spent for yourself is just about 2 hours…. leaving 9 hours

This 9 hours is spent in the office, as such playfully doing office boo, office boo means you are spending most of your day with him or her, seeing each other, chatting, playing, working, eating, fighting, hanging out after work…… etc.

  • If you are both single, this system is very nice for you because it gives you great excitement and an exciting adventurous experience which may lead to a meaningful relationship.
  • If one party is dating, there is a big problem. There will be a very high tendency of one falling in love, one getting hurt, and another destroying someone’s relationship.
  • If both are in relationships, they try to feel comfortable knowing it is a win-win situation, however, it is extremely unhealthy. This ‘office boo’ system may be great fun for both but the result will be the destruction of their relationships. Both will simply grow out of their initial relationships, find it boring, end with a break-up very often, on a bitter note. Quite commonly, the two office lover-birds may not be able to stay together after sometime for obvious reasons. Big loss to both at the end of the day.

Never Underestimate the power of time, time spent together over a long period can create a lot of romantic emotions.

If you are already in a healthy relationship, stay focus and avoid this ‘office boo’ craze which often proves to be a fairy-tale despite all the tingly feeling and fun.

The enjoyment of the flings, lunch, blinks and winks, dinners dates and others that will almost always go bad because one of both of your already have a commitment to someone else .

Stay focus, go to work, do your work, relate professionally, come back home to your partner. Stay disciplined, respect your partner, your colleagues and do not get into this unnecessary ‘office boo’ trap.

Source: Patrick Ampong

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