There was a pandemonium at the Sandema District Hospital in the Builsa North District as a woman who reported to the hospital started coughing and gasping for breath.

The woman was rushed to the hospital from kayoro in the Kasena Nakana West District for medical attention.
On arrival she started coughing uncontrollably with difficulty in breathing which made nurses and doctors suspect her for symptoms of the deadly Coronavirus which is ravaging the entire world.

Doctors, nurses including patients on admission started running for their lives as the Health workers of the hospital said they don’t have Protective clothing that they could use to handle the suspected COVID-19 cases.
Sources close to said the woman was later quarantined and samples taken to the Kumasi Center For Collaborative Research.

The source said the the results which was brought back to the Sandema District Hospital on 26th of March was negative for COVID-19 but rather positive for Tuberculosis.


As of 26th March,2020 Ghana has recorded one hundred and thirty two (132) with seventy eight being the results of persons who are in compulsory quarantine; three deaths, one recovered and one in a critical condition.

Source: || Godwin Wepeba Aloriweh.


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