TV3 Date Rush, a relationship hookup show in tv has arguably become the most controversial television show held on TV3 on sundays evenings in Ghana.

On yesterday’s show a dramatic turn of event caused hysteria as a prospective Date Ignatius turned off his Rush indicating his disinterest in two beautiful women who have boiling interest in him.

Ignatius’s action caused a stir on Ghanaian social media tredinding for over 6 hours.

Disappointed television viewers in Ghana have come to question what qualified him into the show as many have alleged that he was bound to marry but for the outbreak of COVID-19.

The man almost everyone is talking about on the Ghanaian cyberspace after rejecting female contestants on the Show last night, many say has marred the show considering how he managed to beat the organizers to an extent of disrespecting women on he show.

Right after Ignatius snubbed these loud female contestants who have constantly rejected several male contestants on the Show, secrets about him started popping up on social media with affairs he’s had in the past.

One of his ex-girlfriends alleged that Ignatius is a chronic womanizer, broke and allegedly married with two kids.

Despite the above allegations, some women are gushing and crushing over Ignatius after hot photos of him dropped on social media.

Ignatius is a well-built and handsome looking man who seem to have his hands grasped around women. That alone is getting him all the fine ladies.

The question being thrown around now is “Would women attend the show again” especially when they stand a chance of being embarrassed by the rough riders like IGNATIUS.

Could TV3 be in trouble for the action of a single person? What is the fate of the next season of DATE RUSH? // Justice Felix Ametepe


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