Findings made by confirms that final year students of the Jirapa Community Health Nurses Training School who have returned to campus to write their final examination have been eating foods that were prepared by the school without fish or meat.

According to our source, the school procured a lot of fishes and meat to feed students prior to the lockdown but had lost them due to the closing down of schools at the emergence of COVID-19.

Upon return to school, “the fishes and meats that were bought by the school had gotten rotten” explained a student.

Confirming the report to, students who were allowed only to go for their Ghana cards expressed that the afternoon’s Tuo Zafi(indigenous Ghanaian food) was prepared with herbs as soup without meat.
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo directed that all final year students were to resume school from Monday, 15th June.

He said the decision was taken, after engagement with the Teacher unions to reopen schools and universities to allow for final year junior high, senior high and tertiary school students to resume classes ahead of the conduct of their respective exit examinations.

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