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Ladies if you haven’t learned submission, stay away from marriage. Marriage isn’t partnership, it’s authority. You are under your husband and subject to him. The higher authority is Jesus. If he is not subjected to Christ, then it’s an Error! Start learning how to submit to your mum, dad, pastor, leaders and boss, if you haven’t being doing so.

Gentleman, it doesn’t make you bossy, be responsible. Oh gent if you still think me, myself and I then you aren’t mature yet for marriage don’t dare.

Stop proposing and engaging sisters for donkey years and telling them to wait for you. Huh! Error!!!

Gentleman, maturity is responsibility, don’t go finding when you ain’t ready to be responsible. It’s more than age, and having a beard or a good house, car or fat bank account.

Hello! Mr, your parent still feed you, give you pocket money, pay your school fees? Huh! You have no business courting or being in a relationship not to talk of marriage. An adult still being breastfed? That’s an Error!

Finding someone to love you is very easy, but finding someone suitable for you is the assignment. Love is not enough for you to marry anyone. What’s your definition of love? He calls you every day? Say what? Any good friend can do that and more. She cooks good and brings you nice meals? Even your mum can cook better. He takes you out always and shops for you? That’s sweet, but even a good girl friend can do that. She’s caring? Huh! Your siblings’ cares, your mum/dad does, that lady at work cares!

Make it work, no errors

She’s beautiful? Beauty is vain, charm is deceit! If your reasons for marrying anyone is just because I love him or her, those are lame reasons…it’s too cheap! Have you checked, if he or she tithes? How about partnering in the kingdom business? Who is he listening to? Who is she subjected to? Aside you, what’s his or her relationship with others, family, friends or colleagues? You just can’t be the only person he or she is passionate about or cares for? If you are, there’s an Error! We have too much to dispense to only one person.

Love is more than feelings, it’s a force! It’s supernatural and everyone is capable of love. Like I always say don’t marry dreamers, marry visionaries! People who have realistic and achievable goals and get them done in every little way.

There would be a time when those feelings won’t feel like it, what would you do? You need concrete convictions to marry someone! That’s why as a man you must have visions, laid down already! Know who you are and your God given purpose. My ladies don’t play cheesy, you’re not cheap, know who you are and where you are going. NO ERROR!!!

Thank you for reading and sharing. Much love!!!

Special Acknowledgment:

My senior partner and teacher, The Holy Spirit.


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