The Savana regional NDC has given the Minister for the Savana Region Salifu Adam Braimah five days ultimatum to produce a Hilux pickup to the Regional Coordinating Council of the Savana Region.

The pickup is alleged to have been robbed at gunpoint at the residence of one Alhaji Illiasu, who is a friend to the Savana Regional Minister Salifu Adam Braimah.

According to the Regional Executive of the NDC, the Regional minister travelled and left the said Hilux Pickup with registration number WR- 3516-19 under the care of the said Alhaji Illiasu whom they alleged is a friend to the minister.

information intercepted by the party from the Northern Regional Police Command, which is believe to be a complaint to the police by Alhaji Illiasu stated that the minister who was travelling outside the region left the vehicle in his care which he parked in his house.

According to the Public Relations officer of the NORTHERN Regional Police Command, DSP Tanko the said Alhaji ILLIASU was at his residence around 9 PM on Tuesday, July 9.

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When armed robbers attacked him at a  gunpoint and demanded the keys to the vehicle which he complied and after he surrounded the car keys the robbers grabbed him into the vehicle and sped off to a distance of about twenty kilometres dropped him off and drove off.

                                  POLICE SOURCES

The said Toyota Hilux pickup vehicle with registration number WR-3516-19 had picked the Regional Minister from Damongo who was dropped off at the Tamale airport to attend an official meeting in Accra.

The driver only identified as Illiasu was attacked by armed men numbering about five seized the vehicle and tied the driver to a tree in the bush and fled with the car. It took passersby who were going to the farm that saw him fastened in the bush and untied him after which an official complained was made to the Northern Regional police command.


Why did theRegional Minister parked his official   Nissan PATROL V8 giving to him by the state for official duties if the assignment was official and resort to use the Toyota Hilux pickup if the assignment was indeed an official one.

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The Regional Minister is entitled to a police dispatch convoy and a police bodyguard. Why did the minister not   use any of this state security on the said day?

The aligned offices of all regional offices   are the offices   of the Regional Coordinating Council. Why was the pickup not parked at the RCC office but a friend’s house as alleged?

Could the   Minister not park   the Pickup at his residence at Kpalsi in Tamale since he claimed to have left the vehicle in Tamale?

What is the relationship between the Minister and the said Alhaji Illiasu? These and many other questions the Savana Regional Executive of the NDC seek to know.


According to the Regional Executive of the NDC, the facts do not add up and have given the Regional Minister for the Savana Region Salifu Adam Braima a five day ultimatum to produce the Toyota Hilux Pickup with registration number WR-3516-19 the region.

Source : | Godwin Wepeba Aloriweh.


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