Babies, they say are blessings to anyone that is blessed with one but it has emmerged that some women have become heartless.


Now dogs are becoming sensitive than some human beings. Well, a baby has been rescued by two dogs.

The shocking episode happened recently at Haryana in India where an infant was dumped in a drain by an unknown lady. Be that as it may, this story had a cheerful conclusion as the child was spared as a couple stray wise dogs and rescued the baby.

Baby rescued by dogs receiving treatment at clinic

The CCTV film caught by a camera in the territory demonstrates one canine hauling the child out of the drain, while others yapped to caution the general population around.

Hearing the the dogs bark, people in the territory rushed to the spot and protected the baby who was later taken to clinic.

Reports says that the Tyke is receiving treatment and will be given to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights once treatment is over.

This occurrence is one of a few others that go unnoticed day by day. It should make us question where we as a human are going.



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