Nicholas Duncan-Williams who is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry, headquartered in Accra, Ghana, and the founder of the Charismatic Movement which started 40 years ago in Ghana and other parts of West Africa, in an interview held on starr chat with Bola Ray on Starr FM yesterday 4th  September, 2019 said the problem with this country, Ghana is that of leadership, he added that the nation needs people who are self-less, those without personal agenda but want to see the advancement of this country. Self-less leaders.

When asked about developments in the electoral commission he said “time will tell, those in authority know what they are doing and the security agencies are looking into things and time will tell.”

“I knew the electoral commissioner since she was 18 years, a lot of people under estimate her, she is not as ignorant as people think but she is very well educated and has a good head and heart.  She just needs help and for whatever season in this country I don’t like the way we treat women especially when they are in authority or higher office of responsibility, we subject them to all kinds of opinions and the young grow and we need to develop young minds both men and women, in this society for a better tomorrow, if we don’t develop them now, for them to go through the process and gain experience, we are not going to find them having experience out thee to come in and fix something they haven’t grow in”

The archbishop also said we should take advantage of the fact that the two ex-presidents are alive: President Rawlings and President Kuffour, Mahama is young, but thank God these two presidents are alive, “we should allow them give lectures in our universities, squeeze everything in them before they die, you know. We have to celebrate greatness.” he added.

When asked if he wasn’t a man of God what he will be, this was what he had to say;

“If I hadn’t been a man of God, well I would be in business”

Did you know the man of God is into charitable works?

He said ” we have a group and every year the scholarship scheme takes care of 200 people and we have hospitals. It is required of me to show mercy where mercy is needed and I do it as unto God, because the Bible says ‘blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy’. So I show mercy in order that I can obtain mercy”.

The Archbishop said “ignorance is something I wished would come to an end, when you lack money is the lack of ideas, the likes of Bill Gate and the others, it wasn’t money that created them, it was an idea, that brought about the money and ignorance is the reason for our problems, because ignorance is darkness and light is illumination and I think that ignorance is what is killing us. Ignorance is the number one enemy of humanity; if we can deal with ignorance then we can deal with poverty. We need all round education, because you can be educated intellectually and still be ignorant of simple things. We need illumination and it is only God that gives that kind of illumination,”.

What is your biggest fear in life?

“Biggest fear? I believe in God; I have failed several times and am not afraid of failure anymore. Failure is not an event, it is an opinion, because you can turn a setback into a stepping stone. Failure is not the problem, am not afraid of failing,” he added.

Who is your best friend in ministry here in Ghana?

The archbishop said “Bishop Dag Hewards-Mills of Lighthouse is my best friend in ministry here in Ghana, though he is my son, we have a good relationship and next to him we have people like Eastwood Anaba,  Ampiah-Kwofi.”

What is it like that your son in ministry is doing so well?

“It’s a good feeling, because sons are supposed to do better than their fathers. If you look at Moses and you look at Joshua, the Bible says Joshua has wisdom because Moses laid hands on him, and Joshua did what Moses couldn’t do, Moses couldn’t go to the promise land but Joshua did. You look at Elijah and Elisha, Elijah did 7 miracles and Elisha did 14 miracles, but on the mount of transfiguration it was not Joshua and Elisha, it was Moses and Elijah, the fathers. So wealth and greatness does not make you a father, a true father must make sure his son succeeds, Jesus said greater works than I did shall you do. Lighthouse should be big and everything Bishop Dag does, I am part of it and everything I do, he is part of it.”

The archbishop said he does not have a favourite football club, not local or foreign, he said “I am not weird but intense. I relax in my own way, it not just prayer, prayer, prayer, I like action movies and actors like James Bond, but I don’t watch Ghanaian movies. I am worshiper and not impressed by voices.”

He said he didn’t train his voice when asked whether he did some with it.

The African business and Kingdom Leadership Summit 2019

“T.D. Jakes is a friend and we’ve been friends for over 10 years, I met him in Ghana and later connected with him in the United States were I invited to dedicate the Potters house, preached for him on several occasions. Every king must know there is a King of kings and every lord must know there is a Lord of lords. If we can get the kingdom and business community to connect, to see that you need me and I need you. You need my spiritual guidance and I also need your support in the work of God when you succeed and when blessings start coming into your life. When we start working together, we set in motion the law of multiplicity. If you look at America, Europe, China, they are all networking, working together, instead of fighting one another, we should start working together and heaven will be our limit. It is time those in the business and cooperate business realize they need those in the kingdom’s business, and likewise. We have to stop tagging each other and doing our own thing, networking is the only way, coming together for a good purpose. ” He added “The theme for the upcoming summit is “Maximize potential, expand network, always to grow faith”

Speakers like T. D Jakes, Folorunso Alakija, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah and others will be in attendance at this year’s submission. The Archbishop said “the thing you don’t know is definitely higher than you, thus why the bible says iron sharpen iron and he that works with wise men shall be wise, but the company of fools shall be destroyed, so we bring all these leaders together who have proven it that it works and is successful, and it can be done, and we have no excuse to fail, no way. One of the issues in Africa is that we have too many reasons why we are failing.”

The registration of this summit is going for 100 dollars, it as a package, there will be a buffer, lunch, drinks, water.

The archbishop said he is not a motivational speaker, when Bola Ray said he sees him as more of a motivational speaker. “I am more of one that inspires under the inspiration of God, that brings illumination, as I said the number one thing in this place, in humanity is ignorance and its killing us, and whatever we can do whether in the kingdom, business or corporate world we have to eradicate ignorance, knowledge will eradicate this, knowledge from above”

The Mystery question? If you have the opportunity to listen to one of these preachers in your car, who will you listen to? Bishop Dag, Dr. Mensah Otabil and Bishop Charles Agyinasare?

He said: “I will listen to Bishop Dag, I think Bishop Dag is saying something that is working, that is not to say what others are saying is not working. I think he is doing something that is transforming, my churches and denominations. I encourage all my pastors to listen to Bishop Dag when it comes to the things he is doing on the cells, loyalty and disloyalty it’s a very powerful message, disloyally is a very serious subject because that is a luciferian spirit from satan. Lot of pastors have stub me all around, people don’t betray you because they are not taking good care off, but some of those who betrayed me are even those I did more for. You have to choose between revenge and allowing God to deal with it. If you want to reap what you sow, then live revenge to God. One of my principle is ‘I don’t judge anybody; I give everybody the benefit of the doubt.” The archbishop was born on Saturday, he is a Kwame.


Ametepe Justice, happy birthday to you sir. We celebrate you.

Starr Fm and Bola Ray


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