Today a friend Richard, came to my office and said ” I had a revelation yesterday, while out to get food for my pets, after hearing him myself, I felt just what he did felt, ungratefulness, and I know most of us instead of appreciating God, El-Elyon for all He has done and still doing, all we do is to complain and murmur, hearts of ingratitude.

Sweetheart let repent and be grateful to God for all He is doing and gonna do in our lives. In one minute just thank Him and celebrate Him for all you’ve got, cause they ain’t yours but His. Appreciate people too, because from the womb to the tomb you need people.

below is what he had to say;

“Yesterday as I was walking down the street to get fish for my cat it occurred to me, what a world we live in… I have been taking care of this stray cat for about a year now….and till today she still treats me like a Stranger. I take care of her and her three kittens…. and yet their ungratefulness is profound and their attitude, surprising. What do I mean, the mother is very picky with her food and will not eat anything unless she sees me putting it in front of her, and the kittens are the worse…….they will wiggle and scratch every time I try to play with them,  and scratch every time I try to feed them, and if I put the food down and decide to move it to any other location, they will bite and attack me……yet here I was spending my hard end money to feed them…then it hit me, all of this anger, is this how God feels about us, about me?………We wake up every morning, make plans about our day and we forget that the breath we have is not ours but Gods, we go about our day committing sin after sin without remorse or regret, and it hurts God, it hurts Him like we have no idea…….like my stray cat we were lost in sin and God sent his son to die for us yet how do we repay him, with neglect, excuses and sheer arrogance..

God grants us life and health and strength even when we have nothing…..he provides for us opportunities, yet like my stray cat we refuse them because they don’t align with what we think we deserve to have and even in our sins when he is trying to mold us, to shine his light in our paths we ignore him, even in the midst of his blessings when all of a sudden opportunities and favor’s appear out of nowhere  we still, like my kittens bite his finger we bite him and scratch him with our ungratefulness…. There is a proverb that “DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” yet some of us have bitten God so many times that if He were to be human all he would have left are his shoulders and even then we would still bite that one also off. We ignore Him and when we, on our own paths are faced with dangers we cannot face come crying behind his door just like my kittens  screaming our lungs out for food… in this case blessings. – Richard”

Hmm, I believe you find yourself somewhere in there, right? Well, God, El-Elyon still got us. All we need do is to acknowledge Him and show gratitude always and to others as well. Believe this piece have been a blessing to you as it was to me. Special Acknowledge to the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Source: Pwonderss Nana Yaa Odo |


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