Sweetheart, life is all about how you make it. And you are absolutely responsible for the out come of your life.

Life will not deliver to you what you don’t demand and work out for. You need to engage all the keys and principles in this world to make it work out for you. There are rules of engagement to make it work.

The story of this young man, Kofi will help you to see life different, don’t give up just yet.

“Kofi was a young man, growing in a small community with his mum, he is an intelligent boy and had an ambition for a great future. Kofi went through the regular Ghanaian basic education, furthered to Junior High, completed with distinction and after Senior High School had plans of getting admission forms into the university.

One lovely evening he took a bike and went riding with a friend, while exploring the neighborhood of community 22, Tema, he decided to visit the privy, but the distance between his house and where he was with his friend at the time was just too far from home, well as fate will have it, the young man, rushed to the nearest bush at comm. 22, while his friend watch over the bike and waited for him. While still in the bush, a man walked to his friend and asked him, where the other person was, he said he was in the bush, without further questions the man, match him to meet Kofi and took both boys to the community 22 Police station, with the accusation that the boys with the same bike rubbed him and his family few hours earlier.

What will become of Kofi and his ambitious future of helping others and being a voice to the voiceless? Is this the end of Kofi and his friend? Is this fate?

The following day before Kofi’s poor mum could get to the Police station, to see his boy, the kids were already taken to court and sentenced to 15 years in prison, these poor boys don’t have anyone to advocate for them.

Kofi, with tears said good bye to his mum and was transferred to the Nsawam Prison to serve his 15 years sentence with his friend.

Did these boys really, committed the crime? Where they framed? Was it a mistake? Well time, will tell.

Kofi and his friend lived good lives in prison and after 10 years in prison the truth was revealed of the true identities of the culprits of the crime 10 years ago at community 22, Tema. Hmm! Kofi and his friend will finally be free. Both boys were released immediate after the true was revealed by the Police investigations. Was the system fair to this poor kids? Where was the truth all these years in prison? Why should they suffer for what they didn’t commit?

Kofi returned home to his mum, who couldn’t hold back her tears from falling as seeing her only son after several years. He looked shattered and battered.

Kofi is back to the real world now, what next? Kofi got a bus (trotro) from a man and started driving the trotro which looked more tired than Kofi himself. But what can he do, he has to take care of himself and mum as well.

One day as kofi was driving from Tema to Ashaiman, an old friend boarded his vehicle and was happy to see him released, Kofi was also glad to see his friend after so long, both exchanged contact and later that evening, they met and his friend advised him to take an admission form, he said “Hmm, after all these years of waste, me go back to school, for what?” He didn’t pay heed to his friend’s advice.

One year on, Kofi decided to pick an admission form to study a four years BSc. programme at the University of Cape Coast. God been so good, he was admitted and started school, though it wasn’t easy, he finished his programme with distinctions, and came out as the best student in his department and had his National Service as a Teaching Assistant (T.A) in the university. After the service, before he could pack his bags and leave home, he was offered a scholarship to take his masters at Finland, fully paid for and with a part-time teaching appointment at the same university while on his masters.

Don’t give you just yet.

Mmm, all these in the space of 5 years after prison? Well, Kofi as at now is in Finland taking his masters in a grand style. Mum, in Ghana but leaving in comfort.

I don’t know what you have gone through and why you want to give up, but sweetheart, don’t give up just yet. Do it again, try it again, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. God has not given up on you, why do you want to give up on yourself?

Don’t give up just yet.

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Much love dear and don’t give up just yet, something good is cooking, hold on and have faith.


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