Natives of Chiana in the Kasena-Nakana West District who call themselves ‘Chiana Citizens’ in Accra have donated COVID-19 personal hygiene materials to health facilities, the security services and the Chiana Senior High School and the Chiana Chief Palace in Chiana.

The items amounting to about five thousand Ghana Cedis bought from individual contribution and donations included Veronica Buckets,rolls of tissue, detergents, bottles of hand sanitizers and boxes of hand gloves.
The group also donated a public address system to be used to educate people who come to the Chaina market popularly known as ‘Friday market’ the World Health Organization protocols to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

Beneficiary communities are Kalvio Gugoru Community Base Health Planning and Services (CHPS), Nyangnia CHPS, the Chiana Health Center and the Chiana Market. The rest are the Gwenia CHIPS,
Kanania CHPS,
as well as the Chiana Police Station
and the Ghana National Fire Service Station
The Chiana Chief Palace and the Chiana Senior High School were not also left out.

Receiving the items on behalf of the beneficiary communities, the Medical Assistant of the Chiana Health Center Cyndy Sulamana described the gesture as timely and expressed gratitude to the group.

She assured the benefactors that the items would be put to good use.
In the spirit of Oliver Twist, Madam Cyndy Sulamana asked for more support from the group and other philanthropists to argument the efforts of government as the fight against the COVID-19 needed all hands on deck to over come it.

The group was led by Madam Eunice Awuvafoge, said efforts would be made to extend the support to communities that did not benefite from their first donation.
This according to them is in the spirit of giving back to the their community to help educate the rural folks of the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the protocols they must obey to stay safe from contracting and spreading the COVID-19 since government cannot do it all alone.

The group also took time to educate the traditional authorities and people who attended the donation programme proper way of wearing the nose marsk, proper hand washing and the need to stop hand sharking as well as observing the physical distancing.
They group also plead with the people to avoid crowded areas where the COVID-19 can easily be spread.

Source: Wepeba Aloriweh

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