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What does the beard stand for? Age? Respect? What at all does it stand for? What do you think?

A beard is known as the symbol of strength, courage, vigor, and virility. Every man spends some time in thinking whether he should shave or grow a beard. The decision that you take of growing a beard or shaving it tells a lot about yourself as an individual and about your culture as a whole.

The beard, talks a lot about manhood, ooh yea, so what is in the beard;

  • The beard, is a man of Godly reverence, he knows his source and makes it a point to maintain that relationship with his source. He is that kind of man that draws all around him to his source, God, his woman finds comfort in his counsel and is continuously taught by him the word. He knows his source and always eager to know him more, this makes him to know how his source treats his woman and learn same to treat his woman, knowing very well loving her is his core assignment to her and protects her physically and emotionally just as his source does.

As his source leads, he learns same to lead, he steps forward and addresses issues in the relationship boldly, if he’s not sure how to address an issue, he seeks help and that too first from his source and mentor (s). He is a beard whose battles are fought on his knees, and fortifies his territory with strong defence systems against all storms of life. Be the beard

  • The beard is that kind of man who is accountable, he has a mentor over his life. Someone he reverences, mostly men’s ego makes them not to have such male figures, but the beard does have such a male figure he is accountable to, someone whom he respects and give due honour. A mentor who acts as a father figure in his life, not necessary his biological father, but that mostly of a spiritual father, or to say a godfather, this makes him to be responsible and take actions for his decisions. He does not shift blame (especially to his partner) or try to defend his mistakes.

He simply acknowledges when he has made a mistake, apologizes for it, learns from it and works to make it right. Saying, “I am sorry,” is not a big deal to him. He knows it doesn’t make him any less of a man to say it. In fact, saying he’s sorry makes him more of a man because it demonstrates he has the confidence, courage and integrity to admit his faults and seek to correct them. Be the beard

  • The beard, is for wisdom and as a man you have to have that, be a person of knowledge, wisdom and definitely have understanding. The beard is to pursue and chase, the beard is made to pursue, and man was fashioned to peruse and chase his vision. A man of vision is not moved by the storms, but moved by his vision, knowing very well where he is going and the lives to be impacted by that vision and keeps going till, he gets there. Weather the storm and comes out victoriously.

He is focus  and project driven, thus why when he is into you, he gives you that whole attention, and once that project you (the woman) is achieved, he moves on, because is fashioned to pursue not stand at one place, he moves on to the next project, here you need to support him as the woman on that or you think his attention towards you is divided, well thus because he is project driven fashioned. He has enough going on in his life to keep him busy. That means he is, at least, passionate about one other thing besides his relationship. The relationship does not define him. He will give you your space and you must give him his. He is a confident, ambitious go-getter. He’s the beard. Be the beard

  • The beard is a one-woman man, he means what he says, he is a man of his words and know what he wants, when he loves you, he says it and keep to his promises, he chooses you and stay with his choice, he might not love all the time , but he loves her, not just her body, her possessions and her status, but all of her. He’s aware that as beautiful as her body is now, physical beauty fade. He therefore focuses his love and attention on her true beauty, which is found within her sensibility and personality. He treats her like a lady, with dignity and respect, he doesn’t mind cooking her favourite meal, taking her out to wine and dine and paying the bills.

He also expects love and respects from her. He doesn’t cheat, he is loyal to his partner and knows that relationship take hard work to keep strong and healthy. His affection to his woman is full-time commitment. With ongoing, honest communication and team work, he nourishes his relationship. Sometimes friends, family and even total strangers ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate remarks about his relationship, such as saying you are not a “good couple.” In such cases, the beard stands up for himself and defends the legitimacy and integrity of his relationship. Be the beard

Did you know;

  • There is a beard, that don’t use his “feminism” as a way to get women to trust him. He shows it in his day-to-day life, not in his self-congratulatory social media platforms. He is a respecter of woman and knows they are part to make it better, and loves competition from them to be a better beard.

He knows the value a woman bring to the table and appreciates her for that instead of pushing her  away and discouraging her, he pushes her whether his woman or women in general to go higher, to achieve their dreams and aspirations and is not threaten by her progress and success, but is secure  in the rise of his woman  and women. Ready to cultivate his woman. Be the beard

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  • There is a beard, who is emotional matured, a man that calls a woman seven times a day is not in love with you, he is obsessed with you, he is controlling your life indirectly and thus not love, thus joblessness, a man that is gainfully employed, will not be calling you eight to ten times in a day. He is not just emotionally matured but a seven-star beard, who is spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, financially, mentally and morally matured man and develops himself to mature in these areas as a seven-star beard. Be the beard 

Watch out for the next write up “Be a seven-star”

  • The beard as a father, is a caring one who is responsible. The responsibilities cut across all areas of life, as the foundation and head of the family. He has to be responsible to fulfil his mandate and duties as a good father, spiritually, financially, socially, physically. The beard as a father is also loving and caring. Love is not just buying gifts; it’s you being a gift to your children. “I put it to many fathers that, they don’t know their children at all”. Many fathers calm to know their children but in actual fact know small or nothing at all about them. To understand and know your children, you have to make out time for them. Make out time to know your children, talk with them, share ideas with them, understand their point of view. Be interested in all they do and build a great but regular communication channel between you and your children.

The beard is a good father who is always protective by admonishing his kids and supporting by encouraging, comforting and being there for them. Don’t confuse admonishing with threatening. Most children never hear any encouraging words from their fathers, but children need to be encouraged. Perhaps your little boy can’t read as fast as you did when you were his age, don’t criticize him, encourage and motivate him. Some children are really trying and all they need is an encouraging word from their father. A discipline father will surely produce a discipline home and children. A father must train and discipline his children.

The beard is a father who sets positive example for his children. Does not just talk but walk the talk too. Most children grow up and act like their fathers in their own marriages because of what they saw their father do to their mother. As a father lead by positive example, love your wife and be responsible. Be the mentor and role model your children look up to, not the person they never wish they have never known or met. Be a good example in all you do in the house and society, you are being watched. A good father always leaves a legacy for his children and generation yet unborn. What will your children remember you for?

Men are wired differently than women, they have a natural tendency of being the provider in the family and in order to accomplish that they sometimes fall short of being the kind of man all women desire. Who is the beard? It is subjective to the individual’s taste and experience. Despite that fact, they are few qualities of the beard that separates him from the rest of the crowd, and the above just put it right for the beard.

I want to use this opportunity to wish all fathers a happy father’s day, to the strong and best father ever, God, my all in all, father thank YOU, to my biological & 1st spiritual  dad Apostle Dr. Win-Mike Sena, thank you for always leading me on the right path, to all my mentors, spiritual fathers , models, Philips, teachers and father figures what else can I  say, you have all groomed me to such an amazing lady and most grateful, if I want to mention names we wouldn’t finish, so just  to mention a few, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Ben Adjei, Bishop Alexander K. Oppong, Rev. Dr. Paul Simons Livingstone, and all of you, I love you and I appreciate your advises, corrections, rebukes, care, honour, love and all you have taught and still teaching me from far and near. Happy Father’s Day.

Special acknowledgement;

The Holy Spirit

Pwonderss Inspire

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